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According to a new survey by jobs site Monster.com, although many current job seekers express confidence in finding a new job in the next year, many are also frustrated. They are struggling to find jobs that match their salary, title and location preferences. They can't find jobs for which they are qualified. Or they think employers don't understand their experience and skills.

Mark Hopkins, leadership expert and author of "Create Your Own Hiring Opportunity," noted that if you are among those job seekers, there are ways to address those frustrations.

First, you need to exhibit behaviors that cause people, especially those in positions of responsibility, to think about you when they need help, Hopkins said. Here is a list of those kinds of behaviors:

Become a "can-do" problem solver. People avoid the whiner and gravitate toward the person who has never seen a problem that couldn't be solved. Look around the table and you'll identify this person. He's the one with the "I got this" smile when a nasty problem has just been discovered.

Go all-in. It is clear when someone is fully committed to a cause, company or person, and it is extremely attractive. Someone who is all in leaves nothing to chance, managing the smallest of details. Bosses take notice.

Be a world-class listener. Integrate what you hear with your own life experience and see what you can add to the mix. Leaders are dying to interact with people who understand their thinking and can add to it.

Be upbeat, engaging and open. Invite interaction with your attitude and facial expression. Be the person that everyone is always happy to see. The more you can wear a smile the better.

Strive for humility. No one likes the cocky jerk. It's much more enjoyable to be around the confident, but modest professional whose performance makes it clear that she is the real deal.

And, as always, do what others fail to do!

Marvin Walberg is a job-search coach based in Birmingham, Ala. For contact information, see marvin-walberg.com.

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