Transit sites aren't good neighbors 

"San Carlos home development revised," Peninsula, June 21

Transit sites aren't good neighbors

I can understand people protecting their values and their communities by restraining new housing, plus the Greater East San Carlos Neighborhood opposing the San Carlos Transit Village, but I cannot understand why anyone would want to live by a Caltrain station.

I watched the Richmond Transit Village being built alongside the BART station, watched people move in and saw how shoddily it was built.

Also, living alongside a freeway; a transit corridor; or a Caltrain, BART or Muni station exposes one to the threat of auto pollution, noise, or transients and homeless people looking for a place to sleep and handouts.

Low density housing is a healthy environment, whereas high density housing is good for government revenue.

Hold out and hang on San Carlos residents and city officials!

Frank Norton,

San Francisco

"Edward Snowden threatens new U.S. leaks, applies for Russian asylum," News, Monday

Public deserves to know

Whistle-blowers or weasels? That is the question.

Are Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, John Kiriakou, Edward Snowden and many others doing us all a great service or putting us in harm's way? Finding out that our government and most all others lie and dissemble to their own public and in many cases to their own leaders is not a great shock to many of us.

Are we better off knowing the realities of the behavior of those with power? By not knowing are we complicit in the great phrase that allowing absolute power invites absolute corruption? Most of us have little time to parse through all the various news sources and those that pretend to be news sources and come up with a reasoned conclusion.

Not giving up too much liberty for an imagined security is more in line with the reality of the moment.

Right now I think the whistle-blower is on the better side.

Mike Caggiano,

San Mateo

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