Transcript of emergency call about pivotal bomb threat 

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  • Mayor Ed Lee being notified about the bomb threat.

San Francisco Police called the Department of Emergency Management at 1:02 p.m. on June 29 to report an apparent City Hall bomb threat made by a man who called the Mission Station’s landline, an audio recording released upon request shows.

A San Francisco Police Officer and a Department of Emergency Management dispatcher discuss the threat during a call which ran just under two minutes, according to the audio recording provided by the department. The bomb threat call itself is not recorded by the department since the caller did not call 911.

About 30 minutes after police contacted the Department of Emergency Management, two law enforcement agencies had different responses over at City Hall. The San Francisco Police Department, which is in charge of the mayor’s security, evacuated Mayor Ed Lee from a City Hall hearing room, which abruptly interrupted a cross-examination of Lee during the misconduct proceedings against Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi. Lee’s testimony would later lead to two separate accusations of perjury. The Police Department will not discuss the specific reasons why it felt the need to evacuate Lee from the hearing room.

The San Francisco Sheriff’s Department is in charge of all other security at City Hall and it decided to let the building operate as usual. No one in the same hearing room were evacuated or told about the bomb threat. A Sheriff’s Department official said the department did not evacuate the building in consultation with the building manager since the threat was outside.

On Thursday, the police released an incident report of the bomb threat.

Here is a recording of the call — police are on one track while a timer fills the other. Transcript appears below.

Department of Emergency Management (DEM): Communications, Thomas.

San Francisco Police Department (SFPD): Hi this is David One Eleven.

DEM: Hi there.

SFPD: Hi. Umm. Just wanted to let you guys know, um, we have a caller who called into Mission Station. Ah, and he’s talking about I guess he’s put two explosive devices um he’s saying one is at the Golden Gate Bridge and the other is at City Hall. Um –


SFPD: The one at the Golden Gate Bridge he is saying is on the San Francisco side in a backpack over the side railing but that’s all he is giving us right now.

DEM: On the San Francisco side in a backpack over the side railing?

SFPD: Yes.

DEM: OK. And the one at City Hall?

SFPD: The second one we are trying to get. He’s saying it’s in a vehicle. But that’s all that we know right now. He is not giving up any other information.

DEM: Is he on the line now?

SFPD: Yes. He is talking to one of the officers on the phone.

DEM: I see. OK, so nobody else has been notified. This is the first notification?

SFPD: Yes.

DEM: Very good. OK. Ah, it’s a male caller then?

SFPD: Yes a male with an accent.


SFPD: And he’s saying the one at City Hall is scheduled to go off in one hour and it’s on a remote detonator.

DEM: OK. [Recording blank for four seconds] One hour from now. OK. Alright very good we’ll send up the lines.

SFPD: OK. You are going to notify the bridge for Golden Gate?

DEM: We sure will.

SFPD: OK. Thank you. I will call you back if I find anything more out

DEM: Good thank you.

SFPD: Thanks

DEM: Bye.

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