Traffic laws shouldn’t cater only to cyclists 

For several years, the San Francisco government, and particularly the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, has prioritized the needs and wants of bicyclists to the detriment of motorists and pedestrians.  

Now, a member of The City’s Bicycle Advisory Committee is proposing changing the timing of the stoplights at 12th and Market streets because impatient bicyclists won’t wait up to one minute for the red light to change, choosing instead to run the light.

His reasoning, that the bicyclists face fines if ticketed for running the light, is illogical.  

For far too long, bicyclists have been allowed to violate traffic laws that apply to motorists and pedestrians. It’s time for them to follow the laws that apply to everyone else.

Making them wait for up to one minute like everyone else is not punishment.

The needs and wants of motorists and pedestrians need to be considered every now and then.    

Howard Epstein
Former chairman
San Francisco Republican Party
San Francisco


Wheels keep on turning

San Francisco bicyclists waiting for a red light?

Give me a break!

Carl Hoffman
San Francisco


U.N. unfairly targets Israel

The  total is  in. The United Nations General Assembly passed 22 anti-Israel resolutions this year.  

The total of condemnations against all other countries combined is less than this.  With nearly 50,000 people killed in Syria, the use of human shields by Hamas, child slave labor in several African countries and the subjugation of women in much of the Muslim world, none of those countries were treated with the same disdain as the only Jewish majority country in the world.

When the U.N. was founded there was hope that the failure of the League of Nations wouldn’t be repeated. It looks like the world has failed again, although for different reasons.  

It is  time we recognize that the U.N. has lost any credibility it once had. It is obsessed with Israel as the great evil in the world even though it is a leader in humanitarian aid, as well as medical and environmental science. It is time to cut American funding for this travesty.

Gilbert Stein


Doubts about gun control

After reading your editorial, I have to ask: Really?

Chicago has extremely tough gun laws. The result? Chicago marked its 500th homicide for 2012 on

Dec. 27. Where did you find the numbers supporting your conclusion that gun control curbs violence?

Gus Amal
San Francisco

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