Tori Spelling ends family feud 

The rift between Tori Spelling and her mother, Candy, was widened by the death of her father, Aaron Spelling — but now the birth of her son may reunite them. Tori gave birth to Liam Aaron McDermott at a Los Angeles hospital yesterday.

As Tori prepared for the delivery of her first child with husband Dean McDermott, she reportedly had been making overtures toward her estranged mama.

"My sister and my mom have been communicating for the past few weeks," Tori’s younger brother Randy Spelling confides in People, adding that a face-to-face meeting is planned soon. "They are going to be there for each other and [the] baby. My mom is having a grandchild, and it puts things into perspective."

With Dr. Phil-like wisdom, Randy notes, "No matter what, we are family, and they’re resolving things and getting back together. They are communicating, and it makes both of them happy. It’s definitely a mutual thing."

Congratulations to Tori on welcoming a son and regaining a mom.

Angelina: No ‘Celeb Tourist’

(Photo by Edward Parsons/AFP/Getty Images) United Nations goodwill ambassador Angelina Jolie is shown helping Sudanese refugees load their belongings onto a truck so they could flee war-ravaged western Sudan.

Don’t bother giving Angelina Jolie flak for her frequent photo ops with refugees and orphans. The actress says she just "can’t care" about critics who say celebrities have no business doing humanitarian work.

"I don’t know if anybody saying that has spent the last six years of their life going to over 30 [refugee] camps and really spending time with these people," Angie tells Newsweek. "If someone had a direct criticism of my opinion on the issue … then I will take that into consideration. But there are a lot of people that simply have an immediate gut reaction and they just don’t want to combine artists with foreign policy. And hey, I understand. I get it."

But the actress assures us that her work with the needy is not just a publicity stunt:

"If I felt that I was ever getting in the way, I wouldn’t do it. Because I do care about the opinion of the aid worker, I do care about the opinion of the refugee. I care less about the opinion of the person who’s never been in the field but has an opinion about celebrity."

So there.

Winslet Wins

(Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images) Kate Winslet's gorgeous body needs no trimming.

Kate Winslet has won a libel case against a U.K. magazine that falsely reported she saw a diet doctor — after speaking out against Hollywood pressure to be thin.

Grazia claimed that Kate sought help from a California herbalist to lose weight, when in fact she was treating a neck injury. A vocal opponent of the current super-skinny celeb body standard, the "Little Children" star was appalled by the allegation that she had violated her principles.

(BTW, can we just mention that Kate is one of the most gorgeous women on the planet, and the idea that she should lose weight is ludicrous?)

The publication apologized in print and had to pay unspecified (but "substantial," per her legal team) damages, which Kate plans to donate to charity.

The actress said in a statement she was gratified: "I am not a hypocrite. I have always been, and shall continue to be, honest when it comes to body/weight issues. I feel very strongly that ‘curves’ are natural, womanly and real."

We couldn’t agree more. Way to go, Kate!

Together No Moore

Tragically, the world has been forced to witness the demise of one of the great romances of, um, the past couple of months. Budding couple Mandy Moore and Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein have reportedly split.

The breakup, which happened over a week ago, "was mutual," a source confirmed to People.

The pair started dating around New Year’s Day and were sighted as a publicly canoodling couple at the Sundance FilmFestival in late January. But because they split so soon, we didn’t even have time to assign them an obnoxious moniker like Madam or Djandy. No fair!

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