Tori Amos explores being hunter, hunted 

All due apologies to the late Robert Mitchum.

But “Night Of Hunters,” the upcoming September release from Tori Amos, has nothing whatsoever to do with his ultra-noir masterpiece “Night Of The Hunter,” nor the Davis Grubb pulp novel of the same name.

No, believe it or not, it’s based on something even stranger.

And the label that’s releasing it might give you a clue or two — the definitive classical-music imprint Deutsche Gramophon. Seriously. The always-inventive Amos has reinvented herself yet again, this time as a neo-classical composer.

As she sees it, “Night” is a 21st-century song cycle, inspired by certain classical pieces spanning the last 400 years. And it also works as a narrative, spinning the yarn of a woman whose relationship is crumbling. And with all the vibrant vivacity of, say, Beethoven’s verdant Sixth Symphony, said protagonist recreates herself literally overnight. All while never losing sight of the central theme, Amos says, that each of us is inherently the hunter and the hunted, on a daily basis.

Would we really expect anything less adventurous from one of rockdom’s most astute deep thinkers?

A world tour kicks off in Helsinki on Sept. 28. Check out for further details.

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