Tonight on ‘Hardball with Chris Matthews:’ Will Orly Taitz win once the ballots are counted? 

Chris Matthews deserves everyone’s mockery for his performance on the story of an insane woman’s run for Secretary of State in California. (Just think, this guy is about to air a big show about how all conservatives are militia members waiting to happen.)

But Orly Taitz, queen of the birthers, is positively un-satirizable.

From her blog today:

A lot of ballots were not counted yet.

Please, wait to see the final count of the ballots.

Results are misleading. Official web site of the secretary of state provides an announcement that 100% of the precincts were counted either fully or partially. The operative word is partially. Counting 1% of the votes in some precints also constitutes a partial count. I just talked to my campaign manager. He stated that in Orange County alone 170,000 ballots were not counted yet, andwe have 58 counties in CA. Currently I  already have about 375,000 votes. Even is you count  at a rate of 26%, it will give me another 45,000 votes bringiging my total vote count to 420,000 votes after adding uncounted votes in Orange county alone. This is a huge support for a person who campaigned for only 3 months with no finanacial support, while being denigrated, attacked and slandered on a daily basis by both the media and the old boys network of the establishment. What this hounding did, is that I could not get on any slates simply because other major candidates were scared that they hounded by association.  Not having my statement on the ballot and not being able to have my name on any official slates is a huge disadvantage, getting so many votes in spite of all those disadvantages speakes volumes.

My guess is that half the people who voted for her did so at random (think Alvin Greene), and another 25 percent for the sheer humor value.

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