Tommy Thompson has some explaining to do on Obamacare 

I'm starting to feel sorry for Newt Gingrich, so let's look at another Republican luminary for a moment, who, like Gingrich, was involved in lobbying for President Bush's prescription drug entitlement.

Tommy Thompson is now reportedly running for Senate. But the former Wisconsin governor and U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services might have a hard time explaining to supporters why he was such an enthusiastic supporter of Obamacare.

In June 2010, Kathleen Sebelius wrote on the White House website:

I was pleased to join my colleague Nancy-Ann DeParle, who is overseeing health care implementation on behalf of the President, in hosting former Senate majority Leader Tom Daschle,  former HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson, and Dr. Mark McClellan, former CMS Administrator and former FDA Commissioner,  at the Department today.  They offered some great ideas about implementation and outreach, suggestions about strategies to make sure that the Affordable Care Act is successful, and I will continue to draw on their experience in the months ahead.



It would be one thing if it was just a matter of the collegial photograph. But it isn't. The New York Times reported in October 2009 on a statement Thompson released in favor of Obamacare:

The statement, prepared jointly by Mr. Thompson and Richard Gephardt, the former Democratic House majority leader, warns that “there are some issues that remain troublesome and unresolved in the Senate Finance Committee’s bill.” But it calls the legislation “another important step toward achieving the goal of health care reform this year.” And more bluntly, it says: “Failure to reach an agreement on health reform this year is not an acceptable option.”

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