Todd Gilens highlights endangered species on Muni bus wraps 

The artist has designed a set of art installations currently featured on four Muni buses. The full-vehicle wraps depict scenes of different endangered species local to the Bay Area.

What prompted the idea to feature endangered species on Muni buses?
When Muni was embarking on their Transit Effectiveness Project a few years ago, the agency was really looking for ways to make its system more efficient and productive, because its setup then was really under stress. That got me thinking about other systems in a similarly vulnerable situation, and one that really jumped out at me was our local ecosystems.

How did you choose the animals to feature? I couldn’t do all 270 endangered species from the Bay Area, but I wanted to get representatives from each class of animal. From there, I chose the marsh harvest mouse, Mission blue butterfly, brown pelican and the coho salmon.

What have the reactions to the installations been like? I’ve had a few responses, and they’ve all been pretty positive. I think people appreciate that in the randomness of the transit system there is this little surprise. That’s really the central idea of the project — to provide small glimpses of wonder in everyday life.

— Will Reisman

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