Tipsy tyrant gets jail time for kicking cop 

A man police say is one of The City’s most violent village drunks will be let out of jail next month.

Arturo Pleitez, 50, is serving a 75-day sentence for kicking a cop during a drunken rampage in front of the Attic bar in the Mission district on Dec. 6. He pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of battery on an officer, prosecutors said.

Pleitez kicked Officer Brent Dawson as Dawson was trying to force him into the back of a squad car. Dawson didn’t require medical assistance after the fracas.

As The San Francisco Examiner reported last month, Pleitez has been arrested in The City 38 times since 1979 on a laundry list of charges that includes assaulting or threatening officers, emergency crews and loved ones, according to police records.

He has been arrested three times since Nov. 14 alone — twice on charges of battering a police officer. But prosecutors didn’t take those cases to court, and Pleitez was released shortly after cops busted him.

Police say they are fed up with Pleitez and the District Attorney’s Office called the Mission district resident “a danger to society.” Yet he’ll be released after his sentence is completed in late February.

After Pleitez’s arrest last month, Mission Police Station Capt. Greg Corrales said the courts “don’t look at assaults on officers very seriously unless an officer is seriously injured.”

The District Attorney’s Office has denied that it is soft on prosecuting such criminals. “Given the type of behavior he’s committed over time, [Pleitez] definitely creates a problem for both law enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office,” Assistant District Attorney Seth Steward said.

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