Tiny Bahrain could cause big headaches for the U.S. 

While world's attention is on Libya, some U.S. intelligence experts are concerned that unrest in tiny Bahrain could prove a major headache for American and European interests.


STRATFOR, an open intelligence analysis group, contends that if the Sunni government of Bahrain is overthrown by the Shiite majority, that could tip the balance of power in the Persian Gulf region toward Iran and away from Saudi Arabia.


"Why does this matter? 40% of the world's seaborne oil passes through the very narrow Strait of Hormuz every day," Stratfor said in a press release Friday. "Iran is on one side; what if it were on both...  Imagine the disruption to the world economy if Iran mined the strait. Gadhafi's rants make for good television, but pay attention to what happens in Bahrain."


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