Tiger: A thousand apologies 

For those of you who missed Tiger Woods' statement this morning, here is a brief outline of his remarks:

1. Flog yourself; apologize

2. Defend your wife

3. Flog yourself; apologize

4. Denounce media coverage, vow never to answer questions

5. Flog yourself; apologize

6. Pledge to keep helping children

7. Flog yourself; apologize

8. Embrace Buddhism

9. Flog yourself; apologize

10. Don't reveal anything about return to golf

11. Flog yourself; apologize

12. Hug your mother

Regardless of how you feel about Tiger Woods, the sight of someone who is not only the best in the world but who is very nearly the best in history at what he does, someone who has without a doubt the greatest killer instinct in all of sports, and who stands far, far above any of his fellow competitors -- to see that enormously powerful athlete grovel, apologize, and embrace the theraputic culture was disappointing. The questions that many people are interested in -- like what happened last Thanksgiving night -- are questions Woods will never answer. As for apologies, he doesn't really owe them to most of us, and most of the apologies he does owe should be delivered in private. So the best thing Woods can do now publicly, for himself and for golf, is to quit apologizing and win the Masters. Or if he can't do that, to quit apologizing and win the U.S. Open. Or quit apologizing and win the British Open. And so on.

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