Three-Minute Picture Show director encourages filmmakers and others to attack creative projects 

Camille Verboort, the director of the San Francisco-based Three-Minute Picture Show, since 2002 has dedicated her time to giving aspiring filmmakers that push to make short movies. The nonprofit will hold its mock Oscar San Francisco screenings Aug. 27. For more information, check out

What’s the overall goal of the Three-Minute Picture Show? We serve as a catalyst for creative inspiration. So our goal is to encourage people to dedicate 30 days to a creative project. In this case, it’s a three-minute film.

How long does it typically take to create a film that is three minutes long? Some people take all month ... they really need the 30 days. Some people don’t. They come in and procrastinate, or it takes them a while to get an idea.

Is there a film that you distinctively remember? One year, there was someone who really wanted to make a film, but she just didn’t get it together to make it. But she was so inspired by the whole idea. So on the last day, she made a film in a couple of hours that is one of the most beautiful films that we’ve ever shown.

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