They just can't resist those closed doors 

House Democrats are spending a lot of time behind closed doors as Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and other Democratic leaders seek that magic number of 216 votes in favor of putting a federal bureaucrat between you and your doctor.

But regardless whether they get to 216, there are a couple of other numbers that really get to the basic fraud underlying Obamacare. This exchange between Fox News' Bill Heller and Rep. Michelle Bachmann, R-RN, lays it out:

Heller: If we're going to provide insurance for 30 million additional Americans, where we getting the money to pay for that?

Bachmann: Well, what will happen is we will have reduced care, and that will lead directly to rationing of care. If you are pulling $500 billion out of the system, and putting in 30 million more people, but no more doctors or health care professionals, then there is only one thing that can give and that's the number of appointments, the number of procedures, and the quality of care.

It's a bit lengthy, but the interview covers the Massa ethics probe, the Slaughter Solution, and Republican demands that all health care negotiations be done out in the public instead of behind the closed doors that keep everybody else out.

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