There is hope with city public housing 

I was dismayed to see the April 10 San Francisco Examiner story, “Hope on hold,” paint such a pessimistic view of Hope SF, rather than celebrating that the developers and public agency partners have successfully attracted hundreds of millions of dollars in new public and private money for rebuilding both Hunters View and Alice Griffith. Instead of a story about how San Francisco will rebuild more than 500 public housing apartments within mixed-income communities of over 2,000 homes, the reporter focuses on the funding still needed for completing work at other Hope SF sites.

In regard to Hunters View, we provided The Examiner with information on the incredible success that the developer and public agencies have had in attracting more than $100 million in public and private funding to rebuilding effort. This includes $29 million in private equity, $9.8 million from the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, $8.1 from the San Francisco Housing Authority and $40 million in Proposition 1C funds from the state.

As importantly, the reporter inaccurately claims that there will be no market-rate housing in the first three phases of the Hunters View project. As I’m sure you realize, there is currently almost no market-rate housing being built in the southeastern part of The City, so it should not be surprising that for-sale housing is not part of Phase I. However, it is everyone’s intention to include market-rate housing in the next phases, which is why sites have been set aside for this purpose.

In regard to Alice Griffith, the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard-Candlestick Point redevelopment plan provides for $100 million in private and public funding to create a mixed-income community. As we told the reporter, the governor did not propose to eliminate funding for projects like the Shipyard — a fact that would have been important to mention. Clearly, more funding will be needed for infrastructure at Sunnydale and Potrero, but the real story is how much progress has been made.

Doug Shoemaker, Director, Mayor’s Office of Housing, San Francisco

Too much beer

The sad and savage beating of Bryan Stow at Dodgers Stadium is a wake-up call to Major League Baseball.
Encouraging the free-flowing consumption of alcohol before, during and after games is inviting trouble. Both the vending of beer during the games and the consumption of alcohol before and after games at the many bars surrounding the parks should be closely monitored. Stick around King Street after a game and see for yourself.

Michael McGreevy, San Francisco

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