The White House is fighting the good fight, like fighters 

Burton: That fighting spirit                      (cbs news photo)

White House deputy press secretary Bill Burton, Aboard Air Force One to Ohio:

BURTON: He'll also talk about what a hard fight this has been, and that even though we've hit some pretty big bumps in the road from the special interests and their lobbyists and from partisan politics and the different ways that people try to determine who's up and who's down in Washington.  But the President is going to keep fighting because he was sent to Washington to solve hard problems and he's not going to give up just because the going got tough....

So the President thinks there are very important things that he's fighting for in Washington, D.C.

Q: You've now used the word "fight" three times.  Is this the new "fired up, ready to go"?

BURTON: I don't think that I have a high enough rank to give a new "fired up, ready to go."


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