The Real World vs. the Political World 

This is a extension of a post I did at my own blog.

As a political activist who follows national politics, I'm reminded that we sometimes need to step back and smell the roses.   While we are busy, busy with looking to break the next story or headline, or a faux pas of an opposing politician, we can lose perspective.  There is another world out there, the Real World, and we can miss little things that those outside the Political World want us to be part of. With the 24 hour news cycle, it is hard to let go of the Political World (always on the look out for the next big scoop or story), but political activists need to know when to step away and remember our loved ones around us.  These relationships are what define us, and we must never let them go.

(From Stix Blog)The Real World eventually catches up with all of us, even political bloggers. We’re going along knocking ourselves out and one day we wake up and find we are burned out, burned up.

Recently, I have had several close friends who have thrown in the towel.  They are backing away from the political realm. I do not blame them.They discovered they had families, other commitments, another life that had to take precedence over the demands of political activism.

I, myself, have been exhausted. One can’t help but be discouraged by the slow decline of political thought and see an ever dumbed down electorate. Or discouraged by career politicians who only listen long enough to get our vote and then ignore us, their bosses.  Yes, makes me want to get away from it all too.

What we want and what happens in the real world almost never tracks on the same path. What the politicians want and what we as political pundits and activists want does not often coincide either. The real world has shown how difficult it is to achieve these political goals. It is frustrating for all of us trying to make a difference in this world of political activism. Politics is a world of ideas, and one has to compromise in it, even when we don’t want to.

The human cost for these battles can be seen in our relationships…family and friends.  Not all on the same side, but we strive to keep the important part of these bonds intact. We can’t let it break us as individuals or hurt our human bonds. Blood and friendship is still thicker and more important than politics.

For my special friends who found they needed a break from this rat race, and for those of us still in it, remember to keep your perspective on what is really important. Take care of yourselves and we must remember to take care of ourselves, no matter the path we are on.

Life is too short to forget to appreciate the little things. Birthday parties, soccer games, baseball games, going to see a movie should be cherished just as much as the next debate. Political activists can get too focused on politics and miss out on what is really important. Family and friends should come first, or we can become isolated and lose out on relationships that we need to maintain.

This is not to say we need to stop speaking our minds and letting our voices be heard. But there are times that we must let the Political World go, and join in the Real World. As a political activist or pundit, I will always strive to get my point across and get people on my side, but at times this can push people away. I have many friends and relatives that are opposite to my political philosophy, but we always get along. When we are together, we know each others political philosophies are different, but we always have civil discussions and we usually agree to disagree and leave it at that.   Politics is personal to each person, but we must never take politics personally.

The Real World and the Political World must be balanced out, and the Poltical World should never overtake the Real World.  Family and friends should always take precedence over politics.

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