The Real Tuesday Weld brings book/album tour to San Francisco’s City Lights Books 

The life of U.K. musician Stephen Coates — AKA The Real Tuesday Weld — is full of surreal occurrences.

Like his ten-year-old whisper-sung ditty “I Love The Rain” suddenly coming to reanimated life in a recent Chevrolet commercial, sounding simultaneously vaudevillian-ancient and indie-scene fresh.

Not an easy task. But Coates seems hell-bent on climbing high creative peaks.

The Real Tuesday Weld’s just-released 19-track set, for instance is titled “The Last Werewolf — A Soundtrack,” and it does, indeed, provide genre-defying background music. But for a just-published book by Coates’ British novelist chum Glen Duncan, the great little lycanthropic romp “The Last Werewolf” from Knopf.

Not that Coates hasn’t colluded with the literary world before — in 2004, he composed another soundtrack for Duncan’s previous “I, Lucifer” book. And he also has three dirges on the new Chandler-esque private-eye video game “L.A. Noire.” And he opens the latest album with a blues-rocking “Wolfman” (which echoes the novel’s opening moments when wolfman Jake Marlowe is informed that he has, by virtue of a recent murder, just become the last of his kind — this ain’t no timid Lon Chaney slapstick) that segues down stylistic back alleys in “The Lupine Waltz,” “I Don’t Like It, I Love It,” and “(I Always Kill) The Things I Love.” Interspersed are snippets of book dialogue performed by Duncan and others, with vocal cameos from Joe Coles, The Puppini Sisters, Piney Gir and Pumajaw’s Pinkey Maclure.

But you don’t have to simply picture this collaboration in your mind’s eye — Duncan and Coates are currently on a book/album tour that brings them to San Francisco on Tuesday, July 19, for a 7 p.m. reading/signing/concert at City Lights Books and then Tosca Cafe across the street afterwards.

And if that doesn’t get the bloodlust out of your system, log on to

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