The Obama revolving door: Work for Ag Dept, then lobby for Ag Dept contractor 

Lobbyist Grant Leslie is tight in the Obama circle. She's worked for Obama confidant Tom Daschle, Obama Interior Secretary Ken Salazar (when he was a Senator), and she worked at the Department of Agriculture for Secretary Tom Vilsack. Leslie then cashed out and became a VP at the Democrat-heavy lobbying firm the Glover Park Group.

GPG last week registered as a lobbyist for Military-Industrial Complex giant Lockheed Martin. The top lobbyist listed on the account is Grant Leslie. The issue matter: "Issues related to the US Forest Service."

What does Lockheed have to do with the U.S. Forest Service? Well, for one thing, the company is a contractor for the USFS: "Lockheed Martin assists the U.S. Forest Service with software and database development for their Resource Ordering & Status System."

Nothing wrong with that. But you know the Forest Service is part of the Department of Agriculture. In other words, Tom Vilsack is in charge of the USFS. Keep that in mind when you read this about Lockheed lobbyist Leslie, written by her current employers: "She was an integral part of the Obama transition team, serving as the team leader for Secretary Vilsack’s confirmation in the Senate."

Then there was her time on the Hill, working for Salazar, where she "oversaw and coordinated the Senator’s actions on the Senate Committees on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry; Energy and Natural Resources; and Finance."

Think that helps Lockheed with these contracts?

Now, under Obama's ethics executive order, Leslie is not allowed  "to lobby any covered executive branch official or non-career Senior Executive Service appointee for the remainder of the Administration."

So, on Lockheed's USFS issues, will she be lobbying her former colleagues on the Hill, or will she just lobby her less-senior colleagues at Ag?

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Monday, Oct 15, 2018


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