The Obama Revolving Door: Former WH Counsel Craig goes to Goldman Sachs 

Candidate Obama made many impossible campaign promises, including his pledge to “close the revolving door between K-Street lobbying shops and the White House.”

Today, we learn from Politico that Obama’s first right-hand man in the White House, former White House Counsel Greg Craig, is now working for Goldman Sachs, the world’s largest investment bank and the target of an SEC complaint.

Between executive orders and federal law, Craig is restricted in the lobbying he is allowed to do, but he can certainly provide air support to Goldman’s lobbying team.

The irony is that Craig left the White House because Obama was too centrist, according to the official Washington tale. Craig has long been a crusading Lefty lawyer — he was an early leader of the Vietnam War protests, he represented Elian Gonzales’s Cuban father, he defended Bill Clinton in the impeachment.

But Craig is a boarding-school, Ivy League, elite, and after time in the halls of power, he’s now at the world’s largest investment bank.

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