The Left reacts to Obama's SOTU 

Reactions to Obama's speech from the Left:

Howard Fineman: Nothing short of masterful

If one speech can replenish a presidency–and I'm not sure it can—Barack Obama's State of the Union address was just such a speech.

Jonathan Chait: Obama's Dull, Cheap, Successful Speech

The Democratic Party has been verging on total breakdown, and the administration has wilted in the face of the challenge. Stemming the Democratic panic was the primary task of this speech. We’ll soon see if it succeeded.

Ezra Klein: A good speech that needs a good follow-through

[T]he State of the Union only comes once a year. And it's hard to imagine voters buying Obama's narrative of progress and achievement unless they see, well, some progress and some achievements.

Arianna Huffington: Obama's State of the Focus Group Speech

[T]he speech, despite its charm, humor, and occasionally impassioned rhetoric, had the feel of being focus-grouped within an inch of its life. There was a decidedly paint-by-poll-numbers air about it.

David Corn: Reset, please.

Obama, who noted that his administration "has had some political setbacks this year," didn't seem to be reaching for much more than a simple message: Take a second look at what I had to work with, what I've done, and what I want to do--for you. The question is, are there second looks in American politics today?

Obama's State of the Union: Reset, Please

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