The latest census numbers -- from India 

For those who haven’t had enough fun prowling through the entrails on the United States Census of 2010, as I have done in my last two Sunday Examiner columns, here’s a link to the Republic of India Census of 2011. If you think we’re a big country, with 308,745,538 people as of April 1, 2010, then India as of March 1, 2011 is a whole lot bigger, with 1,028,737,456. The single state of Uttar Pradesh has 166,197,921, more than half as many as the 50 American states plus the District of Columbia. One interesting note: India has made its census figures public much more rapidly than our own Census Bureau has done. I’m a big admirer of our Census Bureau, and I’ll bet there are good reasons for this; but it’s interesting nevertheless.

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