'The Groupawn' makes his way on Groupon deals alone 

Also known as “The Groupawn,” Josh Stevens has been living off Groupon deals alone since May. If he succeeds in the full year, he will be awarded $100,000. He left the Chicago Groupon office with only a paper suit on his back and arrived in San Francisco on March 2. He leaves The City on Monday.

What have been the pros and cons of your journey so far? I have traveled in 25 states and about 35 cities in 10 months. I have made great friends, met tons of people and completed a bucket list of activities that some people don’t get to do in their entire life. My motto has been “Why not?” The con is that I haven’t been able to see or be with my girlfriend, friends and family.

What has your experience been like in San Francisco? Alcatraz has been my favorite thing. A lady that follows me offered to take me out for the day and we went there. There has been a great response in here.

What type of travel have you done? I’ve traveled one-third by plane, one-third by train and one-third by getting rides from people. I’m currently looking for airfare to Austin, Texas. I can trade or send people the different Groupons I have. People can contact me at thegroupawn@liveoffgroupon.com and see my progress on www.liveoffgroupon.com.

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