The debate over Muni ads claiming 'Israeli apartheid' rages on 

"Disputed ads are protected speech," Opinion, Sunday

False ads wrong on Israel and apartheid

I read Kristin Szremski's opinion piece and was disappointed by her attempt to protect these vile ads, rather than try to forge a dialogue to advance the understanding between American Muslims for Palestine and the Jewish Community Relations Council.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, similar to former President Jimmy Carter, unknowingly repeated an empty label based on bogus facts, but his quote does not add credibility to these ads or to Szremski's feeble justification. Also, a few years back, Carter apologized for using such a label, and stated that Israel neither practices an apartheid system nor condones it.

To educate San Francisco Examiner readers, Israel's population is about 8.1 million, of which 6 million are Jews. All can vote and get elected. Hence, by definition, accusing Israel of being an apartheid state is patently false. It's not even close to resembling South Africa's apartheid system of white minority rule over an African majority subclass.

Sam Liron,

Foster City

Arabs given full rights

Kristin Szremski is wrong about Israel — it is not apartheid, which was a unique situation in South Africa. Israel is a sovereign, democratic Jewish state. The Arabs are 20 percent of the citizens of Israel, with rights to vote and more. As to the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, they are living well, and they can have a peace with Israel when they disavow terrorism and accept Israel.

It is ironic that some people who want peace do not recognize that the obstacle to peace is the failure of the Palestinian leadership.

Norman G. Licht,

San Carlos

Jewish state includes all

Since the apartheid slur is utterly false, the bus ads placed by American Muslims for Palestine have just one purpose — to damage the image of the world's only Jewish majority state, which is the size of New Jersey, by the way. Israel is home to 1.6 million Arab citizens, which is about 20 percent of the population. There is no second-class citizenship. Arabs participate fully in Israeli life. There are Israeli Arabs in the Knesset, on the Supreme Court, in the Foreign Service, in the media, in the police force and even in the army.

Can Israeli Arabs and Jews speak out if they have mixed feelings about their country? Sure. Similarly, can Arabs speak out in Arab countries? No! And by the way, there are 56 Muslim majority countries — 21 of them Arab. How many Jews serve in prominent posts in Muslim countries?

Sheree Roth,

Palo Alto

Wider look at Middle East

Let us ask: How many Arabs are allowed to live in Israel? The answer: well over a million. Then we ask: How many Jews are allowed to live in Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon or Saudi Arabia? The answer: Zero. By whom has total apartheid been accomplished and enforced?

Ben Brett,

San Mateo

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