The DCCC’s ‘pay attention to me’ ad buy 

The DCCC released a statement today, touting “a paid advertising and grassroots campaign to hold 25 vulnerable House Republicans accountable for choosing to end Medicare.” The “choosing to end Medicare” line refers, of course, to the House GOPers vote in favor of Paul Ryan’s Path to Prosperity. The DCCC goes on to promise: “In 25 targeted districts, the DCCC will be running news-weather-traffic radio ads, web ads, automated and live phone calls, and sending nearly 4.5 million “action alert” e-mails throughout the next two weeks.”

Sounds impressive. But as The Corner’s Ramesh Ponnnuru notes with help from American Crossroads, the actual money put down by the DCCC will not leave any GOPer quaking in their boots:

Since no dollar figure was attached to the initial reports, we asked our media buyers to look into the size and the scope of the buys reported. Results are below.

(Note: these figures are in dollars, not thousands of dollars):

AR 1 $60
AR 2 $160
CA 3 $400
CO 3 $60
FL 8 $200
FL 10 $340
FL 13 $220
FL 16 $184
FL 25 $184
IA 3 $180
IA 4 $120
IL 17 $60
IN 8 $40
MI 1 $160
MI 6 $260
MN 8 $160
NH 2 $80
NY 25 $80
OH 1 $300
SD AL $60
TX 23 $240
WI 1 $300
WI 7 $400

We wonder how one decides to spend say, $40 in Terre Haute vs say, $300 in Dayton. We’re sure that extra $260 will put some challenger over the top some 19 months from now.

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