The Black Ryder plays the Rickshaw Stop 

When then-married couple Aimee Nash and Scott Von Ryper split from Australia’s The Morning After Girls four years ago, they were determined to carry on somehow.

Naturally, they were leery of another unwieldy group lineup, so they kept it duo-simple, rechristened themselves The Black Ryder (after Robert Wilson’s visually stunning stage play), and systematically taught themselves how to play almost every instrument required, as well as studio production techniques.

Aided by guest stars like the Bay Area’s own Ricky Maymi and Peter Hayes, they arrived at their dreamy This Mortal Coil-ish debut, “Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride,” recently reissued stateside on Mexican Summer Records.

The Black Ryder play San Francisco’s Rickshaw Stop tomorrow night. But much has changed along the way. The now-divorced duo has relocated to Los Angeles, where Nash is reportedly dating one of the group’s biggest supporters, Ian Astbury of The Cult (who invited them to open a Cult tour or two).

The schism hasn’t stopped them from making music — Nash has grown fascinated with California, and in particular Joshua Tree, where the vocalist/guitarist wants to start recording the Ryder’s second album.

Together for 12 years musically, eight as husband and wife, the team seems to be benefitting from a little breathing room.

Find out for yourself tomorrow night, or via Buy your ticket. Take the Ryde.

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