The 7.2% recovery summer - Unions going to work 

Vice President Biden launched recently the “Recovery Summer,” a six-week public-relations push to show America the jobs being created (or saved) by the 2009 Stimulus program.  This was planned since the drafting of the legislation.  Plenty of critics said that the “job creation” timing was delayed until the 2010 election cycle was maturing.  And here we are.  There are, however, two substantive flaws in the their thinking.

First, since the Stimulus passed and the wait began for the union contracts to get processed, the rest of the economy lost a few million jobs.  Toss aside the unemployment rate of 9.7%; focus on the underemployment rate that cranks in at over 17%.  The latter tells us the folks that the economy no longer cares about because “at least they have a part-time job.”  Part-time jobs don’t pay the bills.  Bankruptcies and foreclosures are killing a generation of economic lives.  Bankruptcies are up 15% year over year; California, Michigan, and Florida lead the way in absolute numbers.  Nevada, Georgia, and Tennessee lead in per capita.

We are witnessing the not-so-slow death of our economic engine.  Even the latest House action (Small Business Lending Fund Act of 2010 (H.R. 5297), sponsored by Rep. Barney Frank)  aimed at small business loans is wrong-headed:  Instead of pushing $30 billion directly to small businesses, the federal government is going to buy preferred stock in small banks!  I spoke with Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R-TX19) soon after the vote.  He called the bill “TARP in disguise.”

The Administration has refused to focus on the needs of our country, opting instead for ... wait for it ...

Second, the job categories listed by Biden (and echoed by Axelrod) are “highly-visible road, bridge, water and other infrastructure projects.”  All of these jobs are union work.  Unions employ 7.2% of the private workforce.  The other 92.8% - large portions of which have either lost their job or are fearful of losing their job if the double-dip recession comes - are going to stand on the roadside and cheer?  Does Obama think we’ve forgotten his Executive Order 13052, that in effect requires Project Labor Agreements on all these contracts, which, in turn, requires union work?  

Notice the modifier: “highly-visible.”  Yes, we’ll see it everywhere but our checking account.  We’ll see it as our car is repossessed.  We’ll see it as we drive around frantically looking for a rental in a place marginally safe for our families.  We’ll see it as we collect our unemployment checks.

Unions were given the Stimulus monies.  Unions were given General Motors.  Unions were given pension bailouts.  Unions were given PLAs and thus all government construction.  Unions were given the National Labor Relations Board.  And now the Democrats are talking about forcing every first-responder to join a union.  Is there no end to the paybacks for the $600 million in direct contributions to Democrat candidates made by the ten largest unions over the past twenty years?

We’ll be constantly reminded of these priorities as we drive around looking at the “highly-visible road, bridge, water and other infrastructure projects.”

Somehow I think the six-week public-relations push is meant by the White House to be a good thing for them.  I get a feeling that it may be another example of Obama the Tone-Deaf Politician.

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