Thank goodness SF has solved ‘range anxiety’ 

I was relieved to read on Monday that those who can afford to purchase new electric-powered vehicles will no longer be victims of “range anxiety” while parking at many city-owned facilities.

Why transit-first San Francisco uses $300,000 to comfort a minute number who drive to destinations well-served by public transportation is baffling. Muni service quality plus the condition and safety of its vehicles seem invisible to city management. Muni CEO Nathaniel Ford looks for work elsewhere while evidence of improvement is found nowhere.

Perhaps we should be content that these developments make for good politics, being proud of living in a city that is so innovative, progressive and “first in the nation,” whether it benefits more than a tiny handful of people or, in this case, won’t.

Levon P. Sanossian, San Francisco

Bin Laden killing unlawful

I hardly expected to find myself agreeing with Michael Moore, yet the man is correct that President Barack Obama seems to have ordered the assassination of Osama bin Laden. Judging by the way U.S. missiles follow Moammar Gadhafi around Libya, he, too, seems a marked man.

We have again suspended the rule of law for political expediency, content to let the moral relativists smooth things over. If we are to embrace premeditated killing, then let the terms of war define engagement. And first, let our president seek the war declaration.

Paul Burton, San Francisco

Whose win is it anyway?

A Thursday letter writer argued that the killing of Osama bin Laden could be attributed to former President George W. Bush. If bin Laden lived in that house for at least five years, doesn’t that mean that he was living there for over three years during the Bush presidency? If Bush was the one who developed all the actionable intelligence, why didn’t he then just go and get him? But to be fair, the letter writer should also accept that Bush also deserves credit for the current state of our economy.

John J. Dillon, San Bruno

GOP: Lose the Trump card

Donald Trump’s all-over-the-map history in politics includes being a registered Democrat from 2001 to 2009. Trump enthused in 2008 that Barack Obama “has a chance to go down as a great president,” and his current chief political adviser is an Obama-voting Democrat.

As for his business acumen, Trump Entertainment Resorts has been in bankruptcy on three occasions and is currently experiencing faltering operations. Rather than giving attention to showman Trump, Republicans should be promoting and scrutinizing their deep potential presidential field of no fewer than seven governors and former governors. Each has a political résumé equal or superior to that possessed by Obama when he sought the presidency in 2008.

Jim Hartman, Berkeley

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