Temporary solution to slow traffic in SoMa 

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s negligence about improving pedestrian safety in the South of Market neighborhoods while the residential population has increased from 10,000 in 1990 to more than 40,000 in 2010 is very frustrating for SoMa residents.

The agency agrees that the problem comes from vehicles moving excessively fast along our streets, especially when they come to intersections where they plan to turn — which killed a 71-year-old South Beach resident Friday.

I have a very simple solution until they figure out how to pay for the more expensive solutions of traffic-calming and crosswalk bulb-outs: They should jerk the chain on drivers coming into SoMa off the freeway ramps by installing four-way stop signs and painting zebra stripes inside the crosswalks in residential areas like Mission Bay, Rincon Hill, Yerba Buena, Sixth Street corridor and west SoMa.

Jamie Whitaker, Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association, San Francisco

Radiation survivor

People shouldn’t believe the fear-mongering about radiation coming from Japan.

While in the Air Force, my father flew nine passes through the mushroom clouds for Sandia Labs about 1953, over the Nevada Test Range. In that airplane were an MIT researcher, a UC Berkeley researcher, the pilot and my father (the crew chief).

When the atomic bombs were detonated, they flew through, with the cloud’s air coming through the side hatches into collection bottles. A pin he wore on his clothing turned bright orange every time.

My father lived to be 80, longer than any of his siblings. Three out of four of them died of lung cancer from smoking. He didn’t, because he didn’t smoke since the early 1950s. He apparently had no effects from the radiation exposure.

Janet Coral Campbell, San Francisco

Double standard

When two Republican presidents named Bush sought and got congressional authority for the use of force in Iraq after months-long public debates, left-wing protesters nevertheless took to the streets in riot against the lawful and demonstrated will of the American people.

But when Democratic President Barack Obama makes war on Libya without congressional authority (but with the blessing of the United Nations and Arab League) and in violation of the Democrats’ beloved War Powers Act, there isn’t even a whimper from the left. Where are the bridge closings and car bonfires?

Is the American anti-war movement really just a fifth column of the Democrat Party, cynically mobilized on demand to undercut Republican presidents?

Cary Fulbright, San Francisco

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