Teenager beats police officer on Muni bus 

A police sergeant responding to a brawl involving 20 juveniles Wednesday was hospitalized after a boy allegedly beat him on a Muni bus, police said.

The massive fight near Geary Boulevard and 25th Avenue had broken up by the time cops responded to the area around 4 p.m. But cops heard some of the bruisers had hopped on a 38-Geary Muni bus, which police tracked down and stopped at 17th Avenue, police said.

The sergeant entered through the front door, and a younger female cop came through the rear door, police said. They told juveniles trying to hop off that they had to stay during their investigation.

That didn’t make one 17-year-old suspect very happy. He pushed the female cop and seemed ready to punch her when the sergeant grabbed him from behind, police said.

He turned and punched the sergeant “without a moment’s hesitation,” police said.

“This first blow caused laceration that bled profusely,” Richmond Station police Capt. Richard Correia said in a statement.

“The sergeant fell backwards into a group of passengers and, before he could regain his balance, the suspect punched the sergeant several more times in face and body, knocking him to the floor,” Correia said.

An ambulance transported the sergeant to the hospital. He was released several hours later, but he remained off-duty Friday and in recovery.

With the help of a third officer, the 17-year-old was then subdued and taken into custody, he said. He was charged with resisting an officer and causing serious injury.

Correia said he had had a light-hearted conversation the two cops only a half-hour before the incident.

“The light hearted nature of our interaction would soon stand as a reminder of how a police officer’s world can quickly change,” he said.


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