Teen chess champion Daniel Naroditsky on his winning strategies 

The 14-year-old 2007 World Junior Chess champion has an estimated 40 trophies under his belt and wrote the book “Mastering Positional Chess: Practical Lessons of a Junior World Champion,” which he’ll be signing at the Mechanics’ Institute on Sunday.

What’s the first thing you tell someone who’s learning how to play chess?
Chess, I think, is a really good game once you learn the basics. It’s so fun to play. You have to be patient, though. It’s easy to give up when you lose two games.

What’s your favorite piece?
Queen, just because it’s so strong.

When do you use your queen?
As a rule, it’s not really good to develop your queen in the beginning because you might get trapped quickly.

What do you do an hour before a big game?
Well, I would say first of all I just rest. I think it’s really important to rest. Then, maybe I’ll read a book or listen to music. I get pretty nervous thinking about what will happen if I lose or what will happen if I win.

Your father and brother taught you how to play. Do you think you can do better than them now? I’d say yeah. But my brother’s a freshman at UCLA, so he doesn’t have time to study it like I do.

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