Taxpayer money isn't valued highly enough 

I cannot think of one financial city measure that has passed in which  the money was not spent in part on something other than what the measure was passed for (“SFUSD moves funds to meet state laws,” June 21).

The San Francisco Unified School District budget includes $29 million in new expenditures, but only $364,000 in new revenue — and $16 million out of $62 million of earmarked state funds will be diverted to the district’s general fund to be used for other things.

I thank my lucky stars that my vote for Proposition 13 helped it pass, and also for not voting for many other state and city tax and bond measures in which the money was siphoned off for city projects that the voters would not approve.

It is also my belief — besides that of smaller government — that people do not have the right to the efforts of some folks, for folks who do not extend much of an effort at all. Also, people who expend much effort and work to succeed are not made equal to the people who have extended no effort and fail.

I also believe that the time of brick-and-mortar schools is past, and the affordable schools of today should really be conducted over the Internet and in the home. I will be thinking about this while voting on new tax measures this November.

Frank Norton
San Francisco

Try theft suspect as adult

After reading about Max Wade (Newsmakers, June 21), I believe that he should stand trial as an adult for his crimes. As described in the brief, Wade is accused of stealing celebrity chef Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini to impress a girl and allegedly firing a gun into the truck  the girl was a passenger in. Such actions would seem to indicate he is capable of thinking and acting as an adult and, therefore, should be tried as such.

Because the actions he is accused of involve forethought and planning, he poses a great danger to the public. If he were tried as a juvenile, it would seem to be no more than a slap on the wrist. As an adult, he would face serious charges, which would be more appropriate given the seriousness of the crimes involved. Wade needs to be taken off the street because he is a loose cannon and cannot be trusted to walk among the law-abiding citizenry.

Edmund Lee
San Francisco

Lee couldn’t kill Prop. B

Concern over private use of Coit Tower (“Coit events proposal already meets backlash,” June 21) has obscured a significant related issue of election tampering. Just prior to the vote on Proposition B, Mayor Ed Lee “found” $1.7 million in taxpayer dollars to allocate to Coit Tower. It was a blatant attempt to influence the vote and defeat Prop B. The mayor’s tactic did not work, and Prop B won.

Now the Recreation and Park Department has proclaimed it is  proceeding as if nothing had really changed.
Where is the voice of the voters?

Cal Tilden
San Francisco

The real ‘Fool on the Hill’

Mike Luckovich, in his pointless slam at the Beatles’ Paul McCartney (Today’s Cartoon, June 21), is apparently ignorant of the fact that the song “Help” was sung by John Lennon.

Mark Brauer
The City

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