Suzanne Bryant unlocks power of yoga 

Wellness consultant and yoga teacher Suzanne Bryant’s documentary, “Yoga Is,” will screen at the Roxie Theatre on Thursday.

How long have you been practicing yoga and what brought you to it? I took up a daily yoga practice in 1998 to combat anxiety while living a fast-paced life in New York, and it opened a doorway to the most incredible path of a true connection to myself, my truth and my path in life.

Did you notice any major differences between yoga in India and the United States while filming? In India, yoga is a way of life and the poses are just part of the practice. It is also based on meditation, scriptures, ceremony and spirituality. In the West, we are often drawn to yoga for the stress relief or workout, but once we step on the mat, a magic occurs.

Why do you think so many different kinds of people are drawn to yoga? We are a society based on desires and wants, and these often distract us from what is really important. We all search for moments of peace, and yoga gives us that peace, which ultimately is freedom.

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