Surprise! Obama says health law will need 'adjustments' 

More from Obama's speech at the DNC fundraiser last night:

Now, this [health care] reform is not perfect.  There are going to be adjustments that we’re going to have to make.  This is going to take a few years to fully implement, because we’ve got the responsibility to get it right.

But when you turn on the television, you’ve got pundits saying that the country is still divided on health care; it’s not universally popular yet.  Folks, I want to repeat what I said in Maine:  It’s only been a couple weeks.

"It's only been a couple weeks" seems like a precursor to Obama's inevitable 2012 slogan: "It's only been a couple years." Not quite as catchy as "Yes, we can," but after does the "it's only been a couple of years" remix, I think it will take off.

It's good to see that Obama finally wants to claim the "responsibility to get it right" after the bill has become law. But it would be nice if the president could spell out what some of those "adjustments" might be, aside from presumably fixing the law so that members of Congress can actually get health insurance.

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