Surgeon saving lives by fighting blood clots 

Tej Singh, chief of vascular surgery for the Palo Alto Foundation Medical Group, has helped pioneer breakthrough technology for deep-vein thrombosis, the massive blood clots that kill thousands of Americans every year.

What is deep-vein thrombosis? Blood clots commonly form after surgery or following periods of prolonged inactivity, such as on trans-Atlantic flights. Once a clot develops in deep veins, it’s a problem because it ... could lead to death.

What is the normal treatment for blood clots? For the last 50 years or so, people will go to the hospital with blood clots and will be given blood thinners. The problem with this is that they are not efficient because patients will still walk around with swollen legs and discomfort while they wait for their bodies to clear the clot.

Why this new DVT technology a preferable treatment option? Our new device delivers blood thinners through a catheter directly to the clot and sort of vibrates the clot to break it up. We are then able to vacuum the clot out.

Why is this important technology to introduce today? The leading cause of death in hospitals is not infection or bleeding after a surgical procedure, but blood clots spreading to the lungs. Our new device allows us to treat our patients better and is very safe. 

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