Sure, let’s vote on taxes — along with reforms 

With Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, we saw that compromised moral principle taints gain in a way to render it a loss. With Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown, we now witness the ugly spectacle of law serving power and privilege; the desperate attempt to maintain an unsustainable status quo for people who happen to elect Democrats.

Gov. Brown sanctimoniously preaches that the people should vote their destiny — on taxes. Yes, let the people vote, on a whole array of reforms that Brown’s opponents wish to put before the electorate. Should Brown continue to resist, then let him quiet down with his self-determination hypocrisy.

Paul Burton, San Francisco

Fundraising’s the easy part

Fully 19 months before the 2012 election, President Barack Obama has started his campaign for a second term. Obama is reportedly planning on raising $1 billion for his re-election campaign. This would exceed the $750 million he spent in 2008 when he became the first post-Watergate presidential nominee to renounce campaign spending limitations.

With the country mired in close to 9 percent unemployment, record federal budget deficits and a spiraling national debt now exceeding $14 trillion, Obama proves that running for president is a whole lot easier than actually being president.

Jim Hartman, Berkeley

Revolts’ uncertain ends

We have seen and cheered the recent developments in the Muslim world, angry masses rebelling against established tyrants. We wished them well and hoped they succeed in establishing constitutional democracies devoted to personal freedom. But right now is the most dangerous period in the process.

Not many years ago, Iran had masses of people railing against an omnipotent Shah. They drove him from power and they now have an oppressive theocracy.

In 1917, Russia rose up against an all powerful Tsar and killed him and his family. For their efforts they got 70 years of communist dictatorship. In the 1780s, France decided they didn’t agree with the Devine right of Kings, and they got the Reign of Terror.

By no means are beneficial ends assured in these popular endeavors. We only wish them well and are glad that they themselves are doing it rather than having us thrust democracy upon them.

James Keefe, San Francisco

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