Supes’ freeway ban led to transit boondoggle 

The accidents and safety concerns of Octavia Boulevard wouldn’t be a concern now if the Board of Supervisors in 1992 didn’t ban freeway construction north of Market Street and force all that traffic onto city streets. The board should have allowed Caltrans to do its job and rebuild the Central Freeway and manage the state highway system.

Does anyone still remember how the voters wanted the Embarcadero Freeway to be fixed, but the following year the Board of Supervisors successfully countermanded that vote and tore it down? Chinatown wanted the freeway rebuilt and got tired of the board continuing to sit on it.

Now The City is really on a roll with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency dictating policies on parking, transit and Muni.

Ed Louie
San Francisco

Job-killing amendment

San Francisco businesses could lose one of the most-affordable alternatives to comply with The City’s health care mandate if the legislation introduced by Supervisor David Campos moves forward. His amendment to the Health Care Security Ordinance would eliminate the use of flexible spending accounts where unspent money reverts back to the employer.

This amendment unnecessarily eliminates health access options, places new administrative burdens on local businesses, and will ultimately result in more small business closures resulting in lost jobs and less tax revenue.

San Francisco has seen almost 500 restaurant closures over the past two years. With The City still mired in recession with high unemployment and small businesses struggling to keep their doors open, it is truly amazing how blind Supervisor Campos and his cohorts are to economic reality.

E.F. Sullivan
San Francisco

Bullets trump Tasers

A Friday letter-writer stated that he thinks it’s time to take guns away from BART cops, and that they can do their jobs “perfectly well with Tasers.” I beg to disagree. As an expatriate formerly from Alameda, I can tell you that the moment it’s known BART cops are not carrying guns, you can bet that lawbreakers will.

Sorry, but bullets will win against Tasers every time. If I am not allowed to carry a sidearm (concealed or not) on public transportation, at least permit them to be carried by those whose job it is to protect me. Want to give cops Tasers in addition to a sidearm? That’s fine. But limiting their arsenal to Tasers is an open, engraved invitation to bad guys with guns.

Paul Higby
Lakeville, Minn.

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