Supervisor Kim has right take on Pledge 

Supervisor Jane Kim is a true patriot. Don’t forget that freedom of belief also means freedom not to believe. The Pledge of Allegiance language has a lousy history of changing its wording to suit the politics of the time.

The term “under God” was inserted during the anti-Communist hysteria of the ’50s and now no one in Congress has the guts to ask to delete it simply because no one wants to be perceived as unpatriotic.

Kim starts her work on the board with the right foundation. My two cents for her is: Think President Harry Truman.

Give them hell. Don’t back down.

Ben Chan, Orinda

Now Kim must earn pay

More power to Supervisor Jane Kim for exercising her right not to say the Pledge of Allegiance. There is certainly some merit to the contention that the passage “with liberty and justice for all” has yet to be achieved; hence, it should not be legitimized by her participating in the pledge.

But by the same token, I would assume that Kim will not be accepting her paycheck until crime, potholes, unemployment, poor schools and homelessness have been completely eradicated from her district.

Matt Mitguard, San Francisco

Kim misses the meaning

Supervisor Jane Kim’s refusal to recite the Pledge of Allegiance shows that she knows nothing about what the word “pledge” means. What it means is that you try to do your best for the principles outlined in said pledge.

It does not mean you simply snub the whole idea behind the pledge because you don’t think the goals are being met 100 percent. If our forefathers thought the way Kim does, there wouldn’t be a nation to offer a pledge to, would there?

Jeff Saylor, Walnut Creek

Either be mayor or not

Terry Nagel is wrongly using her position as mayor of Burlingame to campaign for higher office. I have no issue with someone wanting to run for a new position, but Nagel should have some consideration for her community in the process. She should either be our mayor or be a candidate for higher office. She cannot serve the people of Burlingame and her own political ambitions at the same time.

In these uncertain times when leadership is key, we should look at what’s best for Burlingame and not what’s best for Terry Nagel.

Gene Condon, Burlingame

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