SuperMath owner challenges the minds of students 

SuperMath owner Mina Watanabe hosted the 28th annual SuperMath contest at St. Mary’s Cathedral this month.

Why did you start SuperMath?

I wanted to do something for society and offer something to the country.

What is SuperMath?

It is an abacus-based mental calculation program. Students start with learning how to use the abacus and then transform this to mental calculation skills. The abacus can help you with anything numbers-related such as algebra. We have three locations. One at 1581 Webster St., Suite 170, and two others in San Mateo and Santa Clara. The main emphasis is on the basic skills. It’s a step-by-step process.

What is involved in the SuperMath contest?

It’s for all the students. There are beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. The essay winner, Emily Torres, really touched my heart by the way she had learned through SuperMath and how she worked her way up. I want students to experience and pass on information. Students get to understand why four plus five equals nine. Memorization is torture. This means that if a SuperMath child makes a mistake, they can be asked to fix it as they know the underlying process of maths.

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