Sunshine advocates say Mayor Ed Lee’s calendar disclosure falls short 

When Mayor Ed Lee came into office he spoke of doing things differently, including sharing his work calendar, which his predecessors notoriously failed to do, or when they did it was virtually blank.

Lee, upon request, released his calendar to The San Francisco Examiner, and it was met with some positive reaction from sunshine advocates for showing details his predecessors did not.

But sunshine advocate Kimo Crossman says Lee is still falling short. Specifically, like Newsom, Lee is keeping what is called by the Mayor’s Office a “working calendar,” which they won’t release to the public. Instead the mayor only releases a so-called “Prop. G” calendar, which is a reference to the sunshine law adopted by voters requiring the release of the calendar.  

Crossman, who requested the working calendar, received this response from the Mayor’s Office:

“We have not provided you with the Mayor’s Working calendar, which contains a variety of information that may lawfully be withheld, including information protected by the right to privacy, the identity of constituents who meet with the Mayor to petition their elected representative, the identity of whistleblowers or other person who complain about violations of law, and information acquired in confidence from others,” the mayor’s response to the public records request said. “The Working calendar also contains security details that the Police Department uses as a security file to plan and execute security staffing and strategy. As you know the Supervisor of Records has issued a determination that disclosure of the Prop G calendar meets the requirements of the Public Records Act and the Sunshine Ordinance.”

So for Crossman, and other sunshine advocates, the fight for more disclosure continues. “Any working calendar is also a public record and must be provided with minimal redactions,” Crossman said in an e-mail.

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