Large fish netted in lake in SF's Presidio 

A sturgeon the size of a small shark, massive catfish, huge bass and big carp are all fish that one man has pulled from a lake in the Presidio, according to Bay Nature magazine.

The invasive fish were all pulled in from Mountain Lake, which has been undergoing restoration to its native state to make way for indigenous species, by graduate student intern Jonathan Young, reported the magazine’s website.

An inflatable raft and a hand net are all Young has to scour the 4-acre lake for aquatic invaders, most of which may have been released into the lake over the years and then reproduced.

“I had to collect this 5-foot-long fish going crazy on my lap in this tiny boat I totally could have fallen off of,” he told the magazine. “Very awkward, but very comical at the same time.”

All the animals pulled from the lake are shipped to the North Bay, where they are placed in vineyard ponds to live out their lives.

As an intern for the Presidio Trust, Young has seen fish so big it’s hard to believe the three-spined sticklebacks and Pacific chorus frogs that he wants to return to the lake will stand a chance.

“There’s a huge giant monster in there that got stuck in the net and ripped itself out. Who knows what’s lurking down there,” he said. “It makes me freaked out every time I step in there in wader by myself, like something’s going to suck me down.”

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