Still looking for the mythical liberaltarian: Pro-choice GOPers all favor subsidizing Planned Parenthood 

I have many friends who believe in free markets, small government, and are also pro-choice and otherwise socially liberal. Sometimes folks use the word liberal-tarian to describe this mindset. I've written repeatedly that the most damning case against liberaltarianism is that once so-called "fiscal conservatives, social moderates/liberals" get into office, they become liberal across the board.

Here's the latest bit of evidence that, for elected officials, being pro-choice also means being pro-big government. From Dave Weigel at Slate:

Now, as the Senate starts to debate budget cuts, Scott Brown and Lisa Murkowski say they don't want to defund Planned Parenthood. Pro-choice activists think they can wrangle Maine's pro-choice Republicans to oppose the cuts, too. In other words, the universe of support for pro-choice legislation hasn't been altered at all.

Other bits of evidence from previous blog posts/columns:

The best:

Which Senator gets the best voting ratings from National Taxpayers’ Union and Americans for Tax Reform? Jim DeMint. He’s also a pro-life, socially conservative, Christian.

On the House side, it’s Ron Paul — also pro-life and conservative.

The top 15:

On NTU's most recent report card, 15 senators scored an A. All 15 also have 100 percent ratings from National Right to Life.

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