Stewart on Weinergate: 'We sometimes forget these people are human' 

"No story breaks too late for 'The Best F---ing News Team on the Planet'!" the Daily Show's staff tweeted on Monday.

Stewart, however, didn't have much to say about his friend Anthony Weiner's press conference in which he admitted to sending multiple lewd photos to several women.

Stewart first highlighted the photos marveling at how the Congressman was in such good shape.

"I can't believe that we are the same f--ing age, thats my problem." he said.

Stewart added that the bizarre press conference upstaged by Andrew Breitbart was the "weirdest f--king show I've ever seen in my life," before he played a clip of Weiner's statement to the press for the audience.

"At 4:25 the story officially became sad." Stewart concluded, "We forget sometime that these people are human. . . until I turn back to the camera over there and cover John Edwards." he said jokingly and then continued with his regular scheduled program that highlighted John Edward's indictment and Sarah Palin's bus tour.

Obviously, Stewart had little time to fully mock Weiner for his behavior in recent days . . .maybe he was saving his best laughs for tomorrow night?

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