Stay in the game for a successful search 

Suppose you are 5-foot-9 tall and weigh about 180 pounds, and you are dribbling the basketball down the court full speed, going for a layup, when all of a sudden you see LeBron James of the Miami Heat coming up in front of you.

He’s 6-8 and about 260 pounds. What do you do? If you’re 5-9 Nate Robinson of the Chicago Bulls, you give James a head fake and go around him or pull up and shoot the ball, softly, right over his head. You find a way to score.

Robinson has been told since middle school that he’s too short for basketball, but he always believed in himself. He simply kept on pushing forward, proving to everyone else that they were wrong and he could make a difference.

And although he is a third-string guard for the Bulls, when the injured list got so long, he was asked to start in the playoffs. If you are a basketball fan, you know he made a difference.

His experience has a message for job seekers:

  • Know your strengths and weaknesses. Build your strengths daily and continue improving your weaknesses.
  • Stay physically and mentally strong, look your best, and never stop believing in yourself. When you get rejected — and you will — do some mental pushups.
  • Continue working on your skill sets, and stay in the game. Prove yourself — there is an employer out there who will benefit from your knowledge and work ethic.


Do what Robinson his done his entire life. As always, do what others fail to do!

Marvin Walberg is a job-search coach based in Birmingham, Ala. For contact information, see

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