States have no idea how to implement Obamacare or what it will cost 

Top state health officials met in Washington, D.C. this week to discuss how to deal with implementing the new federal health care legislation. It seems everybody is confused by the whole thing:

The session exemplifies the overwhelming sense of confusion among state lawmakers and health care officials around the country as they scramble to figure out what exactly health care reform means for their governments, their citizens and, not least of all, their budgets. With estimates ranging from state savings of $1 billion to $27 billion in additional costs, the one thing clear about health care reform is that little, if anything, is actually clear.

“It’ll probably be 10 years before it all shakes out,” says Chris Whatley, of the Council of State Governments, only half-jokingly. “This will push the fabric of the state-federal relationship in new directions, and we don’t know how it will all come out.”

(via Ace of Spades)

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