State Senate hopeful fights for clean future 

Without clean air and water and natural beauty, California wouldn’t be a desirable place to live or do business. But it’s not easy to take on the special interests who would despoil California. State Senate candidate and former Assemblywoman Sally Lieber showed uncommon courage in taking on tough battles in the Assembly to protect the environment and our health. Lieber received death threats over her smog check legislation, but stuck with it and got it passed.

Lieber has been the only candidate willing to oppose Cargill-DMB to protect San Francisco Bay and restore our wetlands. Both the Sierra Club and the California League of Conservation Voters rate Lieber at 100 percent.
We need a state senator who will fight for the interests of our community and our children. I hope voters will join me in voting for Sally Lieber for state Senate in the June 5 primary.

Linda Busek
Redwood City

No military honor for Milk

Naming a military ship for Harvey Milk is an insult to his memory and the gay community. How many gay  former military personnel suffered discrimination and violence — up to death — under “don’t ask, don’t tell”? The U.S. military morphed from protecting its citizens from foreign adventurers to an efficient killing machine. We roam the world looking for a fight. If no one challenges us, then we manufacture reasons to attack.

Milk was a pacifist and a unifier, not a divider. The military divides the so-called bad from the good while indiscriminately murdering innocents all over the world. It is strictly a mechanism to fund the military-industrial complex that President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us against.

Denise D’Anne
San Francisco

Dickey wrong on Warriors
As a prior Warriors season ticket-holder, I read Glenn Dickey’s article (“Hang on to your ego, Lacob,” Tuesday) and I have one big question: Have you taken BART to the game? It is very unsafe at times to take BART there.

And why so much negativity in general? The Warriors’ owners are from the Peninsula, so bringing the team closer to where they live makes sense.

Overall, your article is very unfair and I think you owe the owners an apology.

Peter Shah
San Francisco

Coit Tower not a cash cow

Confused letter-writer Ann Grogan wonders if privatizing icons such as Coit Tower and turning them into party-house cash cows for the Recreation and Park Department is a worthy price to pay (“Make Coit more efficient,” Letters, Tuesday).

It is tempting to remove park facility management from Rec and Park, but parks are not intended for private enterprise and making profits. Rec and Park’s entire purpose, like that of every other civil service agency, is to serve and protect the public good; hence, our willingness to pass costly bonds and tax ourselves dearly for upkeep and staffing. Rec and Park has lost sight of this directive by taking advantage of confusion to divert recreation dollars and make residents believe that access to neighborhood park clubhouse programs and historic sites isn’t rightly theirs without paying the piper twice — with taxes and again with for-profit fees.

Yes on Proposition B starts the process of returning Rec and Park to its mandate.

Andrea O’Leary
San Francisco

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