Stars tweet the Kardashian-Kanye baby 

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby girl arrived a month early this weekend, and the Twitterverse is reacting with either fawning sycophantic congratulations or smug derision. The latter is more entertaining.

"I'm assuming Kim Kardashian had her baby, if only because Gregory Peck just walked by me carrying the 7 Daggers of Megiddo." -Patton Oswalt

"OMG you guys have you heard the incredible news? 370,000 babies were born today!!!" -Josh Groban

"Kim Kardashian had her baby a month early?! It's a bad omen when even your infant doesn't want to b near u a minute longer than needed! Lol" -Sally Jessy Raphael

"Everyone send your love to Kanye and Kim today! I got a feeling that 'lil angel will just slide right out easy-peezy!" -Jordan Peele

"But what will Kim and Kanye name their baby? Kelly? Krystal? Ka-Ching?" -Mo Rocca


The crowd-source-funded "Veronica Mars" movie begins filming this week.

Ex-Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash won three Daytime Emmy Awards for his work.

Kate Middleton has begun her maternity leave in anticipation of her baby's birth in July.

"Man of Steel" had this year's second-largest box office opening, earning $125 million since opening Thursday.

"Mad Men" creator Matt Weiner quashed rumors that Megan would die this season, putting the kibosh on that whole Manson family/Sharon Tate theory.


Tennis pro Venus Williams is 33.

Actor Will Forte ("SNL") is 43.

Actor Jason Patric ("The Lost Boys") is 47.

Actor Greg Kinnear ("Stuck in Love") is 50.

Actor Thomas Haden Church ("Spider-Man 3") is 53.

Musician Jello Biafra is 55.

Actor Joe Piscopo ("SNL") is 62.

Broadcaster Art Bell is 68.

Political consultant Newt Gingrich is 70.

Singer-songwriter Barry Manilow is 70.

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