Square pegs and round holes, notes on the Rand Paul hit job 

Back in July former congressman and current Freedom Works chief Dick Armey was telling Republicans to keep a little distance between themselves and the tea party label. Not because there was anything wrong with the tea party movement but rather because the label would draw extra-special attention from liberal media hacks.

"Don't ask for more of what you really don't want,” said Armey. At the time he was responding to the controversy surrounding Rand Paul’s comments about the Civil Rights Act. Now Paul has found himself in the middle of yet another media-manufactured scandal, this one a story told by an anonymous source which claims that Paul once tried to make her smoke marijuana in college, and it looks like Armey is right.

The media is out to get Rand Paul.

I’m not saying that because I know the accusations against Paul to be false. They may be true. But then, they may also be false.  We don’t know. All we do know is that a liberal “journalist” is claiming an anonymous source told him some stuff. Now, that may be a legitimate jumping off point for some real journalism, but already Paul is being treated by the media as though he’s guilty.

In fact, when Paul responded to the story saying that he and his campaign were refuting the article and weighing their legal options in response, Politico dutifully ran the headline: “Paul campaign attacks GQ reporter.”

Because that’s fair, right? A major publication runs a story about a candidate based on unsubstantiated testimony from someone not willing to put their name next to their accusations, and when the candidate says he’s weighing his legal actions in response that’s an “attack” right?

Rand Paul has no friends in politics. He’s not a liberal, and in the primary he beat the candidate preferred by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other establishment Republicans. Ergo, it’s open season. Don’t talk about Rand Paul’s stance on the issues. Don’t ask why he’s found such a grassroots following. Treat him like some sort of unserious kook.

Rand Paul is no kook.

Rand Paul is a square peg that doesn’t fit into one of the convenient round holes the media/political establishment likes to put people in.

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