Sports violence ruins the game for true fans 

I am a huge Bay Area sports fan. I understand that fun rivalry is part of going to the games.  But it is incidents like the drunken violence at Saturday’s 49ers-Raiders game that are ruining it for everybody.

Is the stadium going to ban me from having a nice, cold, expensive beer because too many idiots there can’t control their alcohol intake?

It is too dangerous to bring your kids. These games attract thugs, and real fans don’t want to go any more; it’s just too risky and not worth it.

If the team management doesn’t do something about it, they are going to turn off the real paying fans and lose ticket sales. Another part of the problem is that some people don’t go to the game. They just go to get drunk while tailgating in the parking lot.

If you don’t have a game ticket, you shouldn’t be able to drive into the parking lot.

Ade Vlaho, San Francisco

BART cop news is no news

In every generation, and I’ve lived a few, you hear gripes that civil service employees — especially public safety workers such as police, firefighters and nurses — should live in the counties that employ them.

But private corporations have no such condition of employment.

Like it or not, civil service workers can live wherever they please. What part of this situation is breaking news?

Al Ujcic, San Francisco

16th Street’s blight

I was driving home, and all along 16th Street from Mission to Guerrero streets there were vagrants sleeping on the sidewalks with their stolen shopping carts. There were drug sellers and more vagrants selling items on sidewalks. This neighborhood is starting to look like the Tenderloin.

Police officers need to tell people it is illegal to set up street sales wherever they feel like it.

Sleeping on sidewalks should not be allowed and drug sellers should be arrested. Supervisors David Campos and Scott Wiener need to work on keeping our neighborhood clean and safe. They have the backing of our residents to do something!

C. Castillo, San Francisco

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