SplashData offers peace of mind on important info 

Morgan Slain, the CEO of SplashData — a leading provider of productivity applications for smartphones — launched an updated Splash ID app that specializes in protecting all digital records, such personal pictures and crucial bank account numbers.

Tell us about some of your apps.
The most popular investment application is called Splash ID. It’s like a safe for the digital age. You can put all your most critical information — usually passwords, credit card numbers and account information — in your safe.

What is Splash ID? What Splash ID allows you to do is create one superstrong password that really cannot be hacked by any reasonable means. That single password unlocks the rest of your information. It allows you to open your safe and access your information.

How important is it in today’s age? Protecting identity and your online transactions is absolutely critical today. The key to that is passwords. And the issue is that a lot of people either use passwords that aren’t very strong and can be hacked. Or they use passwords that they can’t remember and store them in an unprotected spreadsheet.  Or they use the same one over and over again. All of these behaviors lead to vastly increased risks of your information being compromised.

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